There are many places to put random, small projects and things I’ve learned. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Medium are typical choices, but not all content types fit each platform equally. Besides, we all remember what happened to Google+ for consumers.

What’s the point of building a website from scratch with full control of all content without actually making content for it?

Yeah, I also thought it was weird. That brings us to the logical conclusion of Techbits.

Techbits won’t be full guides on how to complete a project complete with abstracts, detailed steps, and figures. Those have a separate category. Instead, they’ll be brief proofs of concept and a general blog of things I’ve learned while working on other projects.

You know how sometimes you want a cake, and other times you want a cupcake, but we shouldn’t have either because they’re excessive? Petit fours are a perfect balance between getting a taste of the good stuff while staying healthy about it.

So, Techbits are to projects as petit fours are to cakes.

Now that we both want cake, are you also looking forward to a Techbit?

Stay tuned! I’ve got a fresh batch cooling in the fridge while I finish up the icing!

Feb. 21, 2021 Update: Added Google+ for consumers because I forgot it’s Google+ for enterprise now. Yep, that’s irony.