About Me

Colored caricature of Jose A Lerma III

Jose A Lerma completed his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Computer Emphasis) at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

After gaining experience in self-employment and financial management, he began working as a Temporary Worker at Express Employment Professionals. Therein, he gained experience as a Test Technician for a company that produces power system instrumentation and measurement equipment.

Soon afterward, he worked at CoreCivic as a Resident Supervisor for more than nine years. Later, he took on the Facility Computer Contact role for over eight years. Finally, he became a CoreCivicTV Producer for nearly six years. All the while, he passed the ACA Certified Corrections Officer exam despite not having a formal education in corrections before working at CoreCivic.

After his long tenure at CoreCivic, he became self-employed as a Developer/System Administrator. Therein, he used skills from both fields to build software solutions.

Afterward, he joined the Technical Support team at Khoros as an Associate Technical Support Engineer. He quickly became a Technical Support Engineer and is now a Senior Technical Support Engineer.

After hours, he maintains his novelty CentOS server, learns programming languages, makes things by hand (like stationery and baked goods), and analyzes various technologies.