About Me

Colored caricature of Jose A Lerma III

Jose A Lerma completed his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Computer Emphasis) at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

After gaining experience in self-employment and financial management, he began working as a Temporary Worker at Express Employment Professionals. Therein, he gained experience as a Test Technician for a company that produces power system instrumentation and measurement equipment.

Soon afterward, he worked at CoreCivic as a Resident Supervisor for over 9 years. Later, he also became a Facility Computer Contact for over 8 years. Finally, he became a CoreCivicTV Producer for nearly 6 years. Despite knowing nothing about corrections before working at CoreCivic, he later passed the ACA Certified Corrections Officer Exam.

He is currently self-employed as a Developer/System Administrator.

His hobbies include maintaining his novelty CentOS mail and web server, learning programming languages (like Python, C/C++, and PowerShell), making things by hand (like stationery and baked goods), fixing computers, and performing technical analyses on various technologies.