My GitHub Pages repo, Techbits, and Projects categories have my technical projects. My Facebook profile has some of my informal projects.

Some noteworthy technical projects include:

Haiku made with Markov chain analysis using Python


Created tutorial demonstrating implementations of the practice and challenge projects from the book Impractical Python Projects.
Private messages sent by reddit bot using Python

ClashCaller Bot

Designed and built a time management tool for Clash of Clans mobile video game. Used PRAW library of tools to scan comments on the social media platform reddit. Saved parts of the comments to a database and then automatically sent replies via private message and comment.
NGINX web server test page in Chrome browser

CentOS 7 AMI Web and Mail Server with DDNS

Built and determined which Linux system to use for a cloud business platform email and web server. Configured multiple Dynamic Domain Names in an Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud instance running the CentOS 7 Amazon Machine Image.
ZNC IRC Bouncer web admin page in Chrome browser

Debian 9 AMI IRC Server with IRC Bouncer

Planned and built a cloud business platform Internet Relay Chat server with IRC bouncer. Configured an ircd-hybrid IRC server and ZNC IRC bouncer in an Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud instance running the Debian 9 Amazon Machine Image.

Some noteworthy informal projects include seeking perfect pizza dough, proofreading a popular python programming book, and an RPN Calculator written in python.