Fixing computers since Y2K.

Jose A Lerma

To answer the question, “Do you fix computers?”: yes, I can and do repair computers if I have enough spare time. This is more of a hobby than another source of income; therefore, I do not guarantee availability. Pricing is as follows:

Preliminary Services

Computer Inspection: $20.00*

Check computer for problems and issue a repair quote.

Computer Consulting: $40.00*

Answer any questions regarding computers and their peripherals. For example, building a new computer, recommend parts, connecting computers on a network.

Hardware Services

Internal Hardware

Motherboard Installation: $15.00*

Connections only: for example, fans, batteries, jumpers, front panel headers, etc. Does not include installing other hardware (see entries below).

CPU Installation: $50.00*

Thermal paste will be included if not provided by customer.

SATA/IDE Installation: $20.00*

For example, CD/DVD/Bluray Drives, hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD), etc. Does not include moving data over to new drive (see File Recovery Services section).

PCI/PCI-e Installation: $15.00*

For example, sound cards, video cards, solid state drives, etc.

External Hardware

Computer Case Installation: $30.00*

Peripheral Installation: $15.00*

For example, printers, scanners, webcams, microphones, etc. Includes peripheral software drivers.

Software Services

Windows Operating System (OS) Installation: $80.00*

Windows 10 only: support for Windows Vista and lower has ended. Includes updates. Does not include setup (see Maintenance Services section) or file recovery before reinstalling OS (see File Recovery Services section).

Additional Drivers Installation: $5.00* and up

Drivers not installed by Windows Updates. For example, graphics card drivers, printer drivers, camera drivers, etc.

Additional Software Installation: $10.00*

Any software purchased by customer. For example, antivirus, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, etc.

Additional Software Updates: $5.00* and up

Update any of the software provided by customer after installed.

Open Source Software Installation: $30.00*

Alternatives for any popular software that the customer does not have or does not want to use. For example, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Edge Browser, Photoshop, antivirus, etc.

Linux OS Installation: $1.00* and up

Any open source operating system. Does not include macOS (see Miscellaneous section).

Networking Services

Basic Setup: $60.00*

Setup router and connect one computer. Includes security and Wi-Fi (if available).

Additional Hardware Connections: $10.00* and up

For example, extra computers, printers, cables, etc.

Maintenance Services

Setup/Optimize Computer: $65.00*

Customize and tweak OS or software for best performance and privacy.

Virus Removal: $45.00*

Repair infected computer. Does not include reinstalling OS (see Software Services section), setup after reinstalling OS (see above entry), nor file recovery before reinstalling OS (see File Recovery Services section).

Adware/Spyware Removal: $30.00*

Remove malicious software. Does not include adware/spyware installed by virus (see above entry).

Other: $1.00* and up

For example, cleaning and dusting computer.

File Recovery Services

Move Data to New HDD/SSD: $75.00*

Copy all data from old drive to new one. Note: Any malicious software previously installed is also copied.

File Recovery (Successful): $100.00*

All files requested by customer are intact.

File Recovery (Partial): $65.00*

Some files may be corrupt.

File Recovery (Unsuccessful): $30.00*

Technician will attempt recovery three times. Price for labor.

Other: $1.00* and up

For example, data backups (cloud, external drive, USB).


Laptop Hardware Services : +$10.00* and up

Laptop parts are more expensive and can be more difficult to install. Some parts are non-replaceable or non-upgradeable.

Apple Computer Services: +$20.00* and up

Apple macOS and software requires the customer’s Apple account information for installation. Technician will appropriately destroy (shred or data wipe) Apple account information upon completion of work. Hardware† installation requires technician to research for compatibility with macOS.

Mobile Device Services: +$30.00* and up

Includes iOS and Android phones, tablets, smartwatches, and mp3 players. Technician does not do hardware repairs at this time (maybe with enough demand).

Automotive Services: $50.00* and up

For example, setting up Bluetooth devices, hands-free calling, phonebooks, navigation, Android Auto, etc. Technician does not do vehicle maintenance at this time (maybe with enough demand).

Unlisted Services: $1.00* and up

For example, diagnostic tests, teach customers how to use software/hardware, etc.

*Prices subject to change depending on technician availability and severity of issues.

†Hardware not provided by customer will be added to price quote as parts. Purchasing of parts included in price quote as labor.

‡Unless otherwise requested by customer, recovered files will be burned onto DVDs.

Please review Disclaimer before contacting me.

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