Motivated engineering graduate looking for opportunity to utilize my current leadership knowledge and problem solving skills by beginning a career in the software development field.


CoreCivicTV Producer


May 2013 - Present

CoreCivicTV is CoreCivic Safety’s new initiative to keep team members informed of facility, company, and local news in a format that is both rich and digestible.

  • Saved over 100 person-hours by generating templates to make creating and uploading content easier and more efficient.

Facility Computer Contact


May 2011 - Present

CoreCivic Safety utilizes an array of technologies in the operations of our facilities and has onsite specialists to troubleshoot and maintain them.

  • Saved over $1,000 by using my problem solving skills to repair equipment rather than replacing it.
  • Saved over 100 person-hours by making Microsoft Excel macros to reorganize data from our offender database automatically.


Texas A&M University - Kingsville

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Electrical Engineering, 3.72


  • Web Administrator: Postfix, Postgrey, Dovecot, Apache, Fail2Ban, SSL/TLS, (D)DNS, HTML + CSS
  • Software Developer: C/C++, Python, MariaDB/MySQL, reddit API, Git
  • Linux sysadmin: Ubuntu, CentOS, AWS, VirtualBox
  • Troubleshooting
  • Customer Support
  • 4+ years using PIC, 9S12, and MSP430 microcontrollers.
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